Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cool day out to play

Today was very chilly out. This morning was in the 30's....can't believe it is still Oct.
Got Shan out this afternoon and played on the 22 ft line out on the property. He was moving pretty good. He can get very up in energy, not really right brain but a lot of energy. So we went over figure 8 and weaves at a trot. Then some squeeze game over the logs in the pasture. Did pretty well but got carried away one time. Played sticked to me.....did great. Oh yea also followed behind Randy's truck at trot...he was going to pass us I think. He was getting into that.

Then went to get Beau...called his name and he came. Went out on property to play on 22 ft line . Wanted to see how he was after being out last night. I had him follow the 4 wheeler, which he doesn't like , around the property . He was playing the stick to me game. Walked or trotted when we were going or stopped when the 4 wheeler stopped. Pretty cool . Still needs more time.......kinda of like the friendly game amped up. So anyway...trotted Beau out and about today...moving good. Much calmer on the circling game today. Even a few strides of a soft canter. Did figure 8 and weaves at the trot. Then worked on sidepassing from stump to stump to get his reward (carrot). He did start to put more effort into it.

"J" stopped by tonight. Going to try to make it to the playday Sat. That will be good. She has a girl staying with her that is taking the 6 week course at the ISC. J will be taking the Fuildity 2 course in a couple of weeks. Luck girl!

I still have to make decisions on a clinic for me. HUM?????? What to do

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Been a long time

Well I will have to start to do better.....been to long since I last updated.

Have been playing around here with Beau. Riding Kash on Fridays at trail rides. Finally took beau to Kathy's for a playday....he did great...Loved the liberty we did. Then I took him just last weekend on his 1st trail since last May. He was outstanding......soft and light problems.
I am riding now in the reg snaffle with slobber reins.....seems to like it. The Cradle was just not right. Bit to wide not fitting correctly. Also Andy (Rode Shan) and Randy(Kash) rode with me on a Sunday. What a cool surprise!!!

Went to the Parelli Tour stop in Jacksonville . Camped on site.......shared the time with Kathy and "J" . Kathy and J stayed busy working the tour stop. Tinker was there also helping as a volunteer. Beth came and brought the new t-shirts for our playgroup. Saw Peggy for just a few minutes. Also ran into ....Tracy from my Feb. clinic.

Things coming up: Sat. Nov 1st...Playday at my house. 10-5
Coming are: Kathy and Renegade
Jessie and Missy
Peggy is coming with Jessie
Beth is coming....maybe ride Kash or play with Shan on line
2 girls that Kathy met are coming with their horses
Nicole ..contacted us by forum....might be coming and
bringing 3 Isc girls
Don't think Tinker or Shelley will be making the drive
As far as Sandy goes........don't know what is up
Sat. Nov. 8th. Jerry Williams clinic....Take Kathy and I will audit.
-Nov 9th Need to check on assessments with him.

Fri. Nov 14th-Campout McCulley Farms
Sun Nov.16th Jessie , Diane, Wayne and Tia going .

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Intro to cradle bit

Oct. 1st Wed.

Ok I headed out side with a positive attitude. But first I got prepared....reviewed in my mind Parelli Patterns online. Looked over the Chart . Then I reviewed the DVD of PP Freestyle Follow the rail.

Greeted Beau and groomed. Picked feet and treated. Crude on back of pasterns getting better.
Then for the big moment.....Put the cradle bit in Beau's mouth with the new adjustments.....YES, I think it is going to work .. Not much clearance from his teeth , will have to watch it. He is standing quietly with it in his mouth. Not chomping , chewing, wiggling , nothing. Good sign.
So proceeded to play 12 foot line. Touch it game around on property....did great...moving to level 2 placing feet on things too. (his idea). Circling game.....with traveling circling and then some transitions...w/t. all nice a easy. Played sideways around the trailer. Then saddle him. Played figure 8 which I think he has so need to up it.....and I did with a trot....seemed to like it better. Then back on circle with change of direction......and how that gets so light after the figure 8 pattern!!. Ok time to tighten up and get on. Had him sidepass to me on the rail. Riding with Halter and lead tied as rein. Bit still in ...mouth has been quiet except some rubbing when I give him a break. Mounted and did ppl for a few minutes. Then started follow the rail (ftr). Level 1 with turns and stops and back ups. Then started with trotting and transitions to walk and then trotting to stops. Worked on backing and giving ......needs some work but getting it. Sidepass between cones . Introduced figure 8 while riding. All the while mouth quiet. I am not useing the bit yet just letting him adjust to it. Then time to get off, dismounted to fence. Attached reins to bit just to ask for lateral flexion while on the ground next to him. Did well not oppositon reflex.
To end I unsaddled and loaded him in the trailer no problem and left him to eat some hay to chill. He remained relaxed and at ease. Unloaded quietly. So all in all a good day.

Cradle Bit???

Sept. 27th -30th

Ok It's Sat. morning......all excited about heading to Ocala for the Tack Shack yard sale. I have decided to make the big plunge and purchase a cradle bit. I am going to get the C1.....suggested for RBE and new horses to bits. By getting thru Tack Shack this weekend I will end up saving money ( hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt)It's cheaper in the store than online and 15% off.

So I purchased the bit.....5 inch., C1 Parelli Cradle. Yahoo!
Also found a biothane halter Bridle combo at the yard tack sale.....20.00 bucks. It needs an under strap to call in to Jean from Higher Mark and taken care of. It should do well for Shanadar.

Sunday....busy day....finally in evening get to go check out bit. It's going to require refitting a bridle , have to take it up , to get the cradle bit to fit. Trying it on and I can't seem to get it in Beau's mouth with out hitting on his teeth. Hummmm no wonder he hasn't liked a bit in his mouth. Do all the other bits do the same? I haven't noticed. Ok check it out on Shan. not near as bad. ....ok try Kash.....bigger head......seems to work except the nose band is so tight. Now what? Getting dark ......think on it over night.

Monday.... Thought all day while at work....worry..... oh no., I am going to have to eat the cost of this bit...... Maybe put up for sale on Parelli website. Oh come on......don't give up yet...many things to try. Get home from work I go to try it out. Made some adjustments here and there....better......Prob can use on Kash ( but wrong mouth piece for his horsenality) and can prob use on Shan. ( Right horsenality but will it control him on trail....and can the new halter /trail combo bridle , prob not) So still issues. Not any better on Beau. .......So head back to house head hanging down. More thinking on it.....worring on it , etc......

Tuesday... Tried not to think to much about it today. Got home , out I go, try it on, Look at it. What can I do to get it to work on Beau? Will call Parelli in morning for advice is my decision.
Then the light bulb came on when taking the bridle off.........duh.......Sometimes I am so slow.
Ok I have it adjusted all the up on the side cheek pieces. I haven't thought about I can take up on the lower cheek piece , which will also allow me more room at the top for his ears ..I think it will work. Made the holes.....getting dark....will check in morning. Keeping my fingers crossed , I really think it is going to be great!!!