Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Been a long time

Well I will have to start to do better.....been to long since I last updated.

Have been playing around here with Beau. Riding Kash on Fridays at trail rides. Finally took beau to Kathy's for a playday....he did great...Loved the liberty we did. Then I took him just last weekend on his 1st trail since last May. He was outstanding......soft and light ......no problems.
I am riding now in the reg snaffle with slobber reins.....seems to like it. The Cradle was just not right. Bit to wide not fitting correctly. Also Andy (Rode Shan) and Randy(Kash) rode with me on a Sunday. What a cool surprise!!!

Went to the Parelli Tour stop in Jacksonville . Camped on site.......shared the time with Kathy and "J" . Kathy and J stayed busy working the tour stop. Tinker was there also helping as a volunteer. Beth came and brought the new t-shirts for our playgroup. Saw Peggy for just a few minutes. Also ran into ....Tracy from my Feb. clinic.

Things coming up: Sat. Nov 1st...Playday at my house. 10-5
Coming are: Kathy and Renegade
Jessie and Missy
Peggy is coming with Jessie
Beth is coming....maybe ride Kash or play with Shan on line
2 girls that Kathy met are coming with their horses
Nicole ..contacted us by forum....might be coming and
bringing 3 Isc girls
Don't think Tinker or Shelley will be making the drive
As far as Sandy goes........don't know what is up
Sat. Nov. 8th. Jerry Williams clinic....Take Kathy and I will audit.
-Nov 9th Need to check on assessments with him.

Fri. Nov 14th-Campout McCulley Farms
Sun Nov.16th Jessie , Diane, Wayne and Tia going .

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