Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Intro to cradle bit

Oct. 1st Wed.

Ok I headed out side with a positive attitude. But first I got prepared....reviewed in my mind Parelli Patterns online. Looked over the Chart . Then I reviewed the DVD of PP Freestyle Follow the rail.

Greeted Beau and groomed. Picked feet and treated. Crude on back of pasterns getting better.
Then for the big moment.....Put the cradle bit in Beau's mouth with the new adjustments.....YES, I think it is going to work .. Not much clearance from his teeth , will have to watch it. He is standing quietly with it in his mouth. Not chomping , chewing, wiggling , nothing. Good sign.
So proceeded to play 12 foot line. Touch it game around on property....did great...moving to level 2 placing feet on things too. (his idea). Circling game.....with traveling circling and then some transitions...w/t. all nice a easy. Played sideways around the trailer. Then saddle him. Played figure 8 which I think he has so need to up it.....and I did with a trot....seemed to like it better. Then back on circle with change of direction......and how that gets so light after the figure 8 pattern!!. Ok time to tighten up and get on. Had him sidepass to me on the rail. Riding with Halter and lead tied as rein. Bit still in ...mouth has been quiet except some rubbing when I give him a break. Mounted and did ppl for a few minutes. Then started follow the rail (ftr). Level 1 with turns and stops and back ups. Then started with trotting and transitions to walk and then trotting to stops. Worked on backing and giving ......needs some work but getting it. Sidepass between cones . Introduced figure 8 while riding. All the while mouth quiet. I am not useing the bit yet just letting him adjust to it. Then time to get off, dismounted to fence. Attached reins to bit just to ask for lateral flexion while on the ground next to him. Did well not oppositon reflex.
To end I unsaddled and loaded him in the trailer no problem and left him to eat some hay to chill. He remained relaxed and at ease. Unloaded quietly. So all in all a good day.

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