Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cradle Bit???

Sept. 27th -30th

Ok It's Sat. morning......all excited about heading to Ocala for the Tack Shack yard sale. I have decided to make the big plunge and purchase a cradle bit. I am going to get the C1.....suggested for RBE and new horses to bits. By getting thru Tack Shack this weekend I will end up saving money ( hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt)It's cheaper in the store than online and 15% off.

So I purchased the bit.....5 inch., C1 Parelli Cradle. Yahoo!
Also found a biothane halter Bridle combo at the yard tack sale.....20.00 bucks. It needs an under strap to call in to Jean from Higher Mark and taken care of. It should do well for Shanadar.

Sunday....busy day....finally in evening get to go check out bit. It's going to require refitting a bridle , have to take it up , to get the cradle bit to fit. Trying it on and I can't seem to get it in Beau's mouth with out hitting on his teeth. Hummmm no wonder he hasn't liked a bit in his mouth. Do all the other bits do the same? I haven't noticed. Ok check it out on Shan. not near as bad. ....ok try Kash.....bigger head......seems to work except the nose band is so tight. Now what? Getting dark ......think on it over night.

Monday.... Thought all day while at work....worry..... oh no., I am going to have to eat the cost of this bit...... Maybe put up for sale on Parelli website. Oh come on......don't give up yet...many things to try. Get home from work I go to try it out. Made some adjustments here and there....better......Prob can use on Kash ( but wrong mouth piece for his horsenality) and can prob use on Shan. ( Right horsenality but will it control him on trail....and can the new halter /trail combo bridle , prob not) So still issues. Not any better on Beau. .......So head back to house head hanging down. More thinking on it.....worring on it , etc......

Tuesday... Tried not to think to much about it today. Got home , out I go, try it on, Look at it. What can I do to get it to work on Beau? Will call Parelli in morning for advice is my decision.
Then the light bulb came on when taking the bridle off.........duh.......Sometimes I am so slow.
Ok I have it adjusted all the up on the side cheek pieces. I haven't thought about I can take up on the lower cheek piece , which will also allow me more room at the top for his ears ..I think it will work. Made the holes.....getting dark....will check in morning. Keeping my fingers crossed , I really think it is going to be great!!!

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