Friday, September 26, 2008

Trail Riding

Sept 26th

Ok it's Friday.....This is trail riding day.
Went out had decided to ride Beau today. Nope Kash had other ideas. He had bit him again......this time on the rear end. Made him no riding today. So I elected Kash to go.

Meet Diane and Lena at Shangalia trailhead. Part of the Greenways. Weather cooler than last Friday. Low 60's....just wonderful outside.

Diane had her new him. Cute as a bug. If she thinks about selling him I would sure be interested.......but I don't need a new horse. He looks like a mini Kash. Only 5 years old. He did great out on the trail today. Kash was very good. Just doesn't mind where he rides front, middle , or back. He is not crazy about going through need to work on that one. I think that won't be to much of a big deal. We did go up and down a few smaller climbs. Kash was well behaved. After riding .....ate lunch at the picinic table while horses cooled out. Kash is easy to deal with loading and handling out like that. Nice boy. He is a keeper.

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