Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trying to catch up.

Sept. 6th and 7th,

Well yesterday was our Ocala Parelli Players get together playday. No horses. Met at Beth's house. At first it was only Beth , Kathy and I. So we made decisions on shirts for the Jacksonville tour stop. Then we started watching some DVD's. 1st of Rugged Lark and then the new Parelli Patterns. I sure do think I need to get this one. Looks wonderful. Just what I will need to reach futher than I can even imagine. Sandy and Danny showed up part way thru the DVD watching. Chatted some and then kinda of got off subject as to how to set up playdays. Others of the group couldn't come because of work and needing to get things done around their places. I left a little early because Jessie was wanting me to come by and help with saddle fit on her new mare Missy. Good ole Shyla was there.......same face when she sees you. haha. Hung out there chatting and deciding on some ride time. She needs to get busy getting here horses ready to go. I had to crack the whip.

Kathy was kind to loan me a couple of books , One on natural hoof trimming and the other Pasture Paradise. It is very interesting and I am going to see what I can apply here and watch how the horses adapt to it.

Came home and my horses looked fine....was a little worried since I double dosed them just the other day.

Sunday: Had church this morning.....then came home and let horses out after picking feet and medicating Beau's . Strung hay out over property...I think the horses were on a hide n seek game looking for the bits of hay. Them seem to be pretty interested in the game.

Had a little play time with Beau....late evening . 22 foot line out in far pasture. worked on keeping some distance out away from me. Squeeze game over a log. Did well. Then went to circling and he went RB. Disengagement to shut down anytime he started up. Finally came back to LB. Rinsed and released was almost dark. I need to get a plan and be more organized in what I will be working on to day.

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