Friday, September 26, 2008

The Latest

Sept 11th - 19th

Just been playing with all three of the horses. (poor Ladybug she is left out)
Shan ...the man
Kash ...the dash
Beau ...Boo Boo
Kathy loaned me the Parelli Patterns online. I have been watching that and started using with the horses. Will be interested to see how it plays out with Kash since everything is new to him and compare his response to Shan's and Beau's reaction. I will try to keep updated on that.

1st I paly the touch it game. Shan has it down, Beau does well , Kash is "WHat?"

Have Started level 1 on all horses. Just walking with a 12 ft rope. Shan knows it pretty well, Beau is wanting to play touch it with the cones and Kash is getting it.

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