Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update to this week

Sept. 11th, 2009

Well to update what has been going on.
Tuesday...chiro vet came out. She felt all signs pointed to a stifle issue. So I had him treated with Chiro and Accp. Will give 3 days off . Starting next week he will begin taking some herbs to help with discomfort and swelling. After that he will be put on a herb to help keep the joints more supple. Not the greatest news but it is what I have to deal with. So I plan on making the most out of it. I will start him back slowly and build him up . I also need to be careful with backing too much and tight circles. I should work some with walking up hills and going over low cavalletties to help strengthen the stifle.

Wed.... Played with Kash. Decided to work on introducing the 7 games to him. We played with games 1-5 today. He is different to deal with. So "what ?" most of the time and then "I'm out of here" explosion. It was fun watching him trying to figure it all out. I think he will be fine. Also got on with halter and started inducing lateral flexion. Pretty stiff boy.
Also played with Shan. Some online to warm up. Then put bareback pad on and decide to test me riding. Boy I sure need help here. Shan did great...testing his sidepassing , backing with sl feet wiggle , turn on hunches and turn on forehand.

Thurs.... Just had time to bath Beau's hind feet due to the scratches on the backside of his pasterns. Groom Kash just to get the dry sweat off. Some undemanding time.

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