Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Start To Reach My Goals

Well I did figure out how to start a blog. Yahoo for me.

My goals that I will be working on are set to be completed by the end of the year, 2008

Goal 1....To tape level 1

Have to find a way to tape myself.

Poss..use my old recorder or get help from Kathy or J

Find out how to transferr recordings to DVD..maybe radioshack?

Goal 2....Start back playing with my horses to complete level 2

Online...... completing circling game at a canter.

Liberty..... need to spend some time with, haven't done much with it.

Freestyle ..... review

Finesse..... look up

Just play what he is capable to do. Watch for soreness and willness by him.

He seems to love to be played with......want to keep him comfortable. Have to

Remember he is getting older.

Main goal for him.......advance online stuff. Move on ...challenge him and me.

Goal 3....Get assesed for level 2. video or

by instructor in person.......which one?

Goal 4....Remember to keep the relationship first!!!!!

Have fun and enjoy the journey.

It's the journey that brings the joy, not the end destination.

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