Friday, September 5, 2008

Back in the Saddle again

Well, today I went out to play alittle with Beau. So spent some time online. Going out on property playing put your nose here and there , while working on the driving game from zone 3 trying to get him out about 12 ft from me. ( he loves to hang close) That went pretty well. Then decided to saddle up....haven't ridden since very beginning of June. Took him to the ring, did a safety check, Lateral flexion, disengagement, and indirect rein control...clear good to go. SO begin with Pushing Passenger lesson.....I will mirror him. Went problems. Then I decided to take over and direct the ride. Now I have had my reins tied up to the saddle..using no reins..decided to get carrot stick....asked to go off in trot.....I turned my focus, eyes, shoulders, belly button , legs and then a little help of the carrot stick, we made the turn . Continued with this and after about 3 times he was turning with no reinforcement of the CS. It was great trotting around and looking here and then he would go. So Cool. The most surprising thing about it was I have not worked on this after being laid off at least 3 months.....he has advanced!!! Maybe I should lay him off more? 2nd thought no , it was too much fun. It's time to move forward and complete this level 2 stuff. YES YES YES!!

Also played some with sidepasses with fence. Goes to the right much better than the Left.
Then sidepass up to fence so I could get off. Played move yourself over so I can get on and off. (sidepass to me) Did well. I am so pumped. Getting excited about what could be. ....HUM

Also Today.....
Double dosed Beau....Equimax
Double dosed Cash....Equimax
Wormed Shan and Ladybug reg. with Equimax.
Will watch and see what occurs ......mostly with Beau. NTW link ....need to update .
Recheck in 2 weeks

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