Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting back in the swing of things.

Wed. Dec. 24th. Happy Christmas Eve!!!!

Yesterday, I got Beau out and went to mosey around the property together . We progress to doing some circles and discovered that he is having more trouble going to the left than to the right. It is alot like the purity of gait issues Linda is having with Alure. But it didn't surprise me since I have not been able to play with Beau lately and I know he gets stiff after not being used. I will cont. to watch and decide if the Chiro. needs to come back.

Ok so today, Saddled up Beau. Went into the arena and played online. Going to try to get back to following a plan. So going to work on backing. ( our bug a boo). So online I set up a row of poles on the ground to back him thru. Did it until I got some good licking and chewing. Then moved to some figure 8's and weave patterns at the trot. Back to the poles for some backing. Played with cirlcing trotting and some cantering. Decided to get on and ride. FTR at the walk to work on the a soft stop without brace. Then went to walking thru the poles to the rail and asking for a back up. Working on no brace once again. (Trick was to sink my weight down and turn my toes out for the back up. )Did some figure 8's while riding ......not to bad. Surprised me. Also the weave pattern from my leg pressure. Great!!!

To summarize: TO make into a program.
A. Online
1) Backing thru poles, soft , and respectful.
2) figure 8's
3) weave pattern

B. Riding
1) FTR- soft stops no brace
2) Walking to a back up.....using the rail to start with.
3) Figure 8's
4) Weave Pattern

Hours posted Dec. 23rd. online .....30 minutes
Dec. 24th online .....30 minutes
riding .....45 minutes
Freestyle........30 minutes / Finesse ......15 minutes

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coming to terms

Well It's been awhile since I last had a chance to post or play with a horse. My mother has taken a turn for the worst health wise. I have been busy caring for her. She no longer understands what is going on. It has been a tough couple of weeks. The whole family is a bit out of sorts. Christmas is just going to be very different this year. I have had to place her in a home where people are more capable of caring for her needs. Right at this time I am feeling like the rotten kid, but I do know she had made arrangements for this. So I still could not make myself go visit with friends or play with the horses today, just a lot of sitting around and thinking. My mother is the person that got me started in horses. She was always there when I was growing up and started showing horses. Then when I finished college it was her that introduced me to competive trial and endurance riding. I believe that is where I got the love of trial riding that I still enjoy the most today. We rode many miles and camped many places together. All great memories that I will treasure. So by the end of day the picture is getting clearer in my mind. I feel very soon I will be taking the step forward to my future. I will stop thinking what could of been done in the past and move forward and conquer fears and problems with open eyes and heart. Tomorrow is going to be a new day!
Mom I love you.................always.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can't believe it

Last night I heard a bang. Went outside to see what it was and Kash out of his pen. When I get out the barn and look at his pen , his gate is toast!! Looked like something scared him from out back ( animal or kids ) and he decided to ram the gate of jump it. Anyway it is just smashed in the middle. He seemed to be cuts or bumps anywhere. Checked him out this morning and all looks good.

Kathy came and picked my up. Went to the Tack Sale in Ocala . She brought a saddle or two. I picked up a sheet but thinking of taking it back. Got some nice Kerrtis pants from Peggy.
Had to come home early because mom was having a bad day. Made for a long night too.

Horse hours

Dec. 5th Friday

Horse hours:

20 min - undemanding time
20 min - eval where we are to know what I need to work on to accomplish my goal set in the next 30 days
HT - day 1.....did pretty good. Let him stop when he wanted to ....but shows my circling game is pretty good........who knew? haha

Decided he needs some therapy. SO will start Hill Therapy with him. I know it is not fair since he doesn't know all the games. But I will take it easy and see how it goes.
Played 1, game 2 of zone 1, game 3 of zone 1, game 4 more trouble going away....LB attitude. Game 5. to warm up for HT .
Used about 30 min of play online. HT he did good. When he wanted to stop or come in problem. After a little bit he just stayed out there. Need to help his back some.

Friday , Dec. 5th

Just got Jerry's homework from my group lessons with him. Wow he is really going to make us think!! Lesson 1 on his web page is Learning exactly what are the 4 responablities of the human and how it applies to our journey.

We were to come up with a goal that we want to achieve in 30 days. It needs to be something we can not do now but something that is attainable. So after lots of thought...................I decided to work on my liberty. After all he is the one at the last lesson that was telling me I should be playing with this.

Goal...To be able to play games 1-7 with out my horses feeling the need to run away.

Now to clarify some: I am not talking perfection. Just kinda of what you would call level
1 - 2 at liberty.

Areas to work on:
#1 I do feel my main area to work on will be the yoyo game. The part of the yoyo game that has a problem is the backing away. He wants to turn front end to side and not directly face me. I am thinking my bull horn is too load. So game plan to work on this if he takes two eyes off when backing there is going to be a consiquence. Once two eyes are back on me , I will first stop and relax and then ask very softly for backing again. Make it easier for two eyes on me than anything else. The bring back of the yoyo is fine ( at least for now).
#2 The other area to work on ....porcupine of zone 4. I think all I need to do is more time practicing while online.

Also, Jerry sent a video that was labeled 212 degrees. Boy that sure makes you think about how if you are off by just a little bit it can have a big impact.
The site is

OK just a review of the last Two group lessons .
1st.....developing a mental picture of what you want.
2nd ...developing a mental feel of what you want.

Beau and Shan my boys

Dec 4th Thurs

Just went out today and spent some undemanding time with Beau. We had such a great day yesterday at the lesson that I thought I would go out with no expectations of him. Just wanted to hang out and let him enjoy himself. Work on the relationship. It was nice and seemed to be very relaxed time for both him and I.
30 mins undemanding time.

Shan the Man....time to go play online some . The usual stuff. I guess I need to add some spice to his life. Will have to work on that one. Our yeilding of zone 1 with the driving game is great! Porcupine is pretty good. So I think next I need to work on yeilding zone 4 .
30 min online

Group lesson with Jerry Williams

Dec. 3rd. My 2nd group lesson

Arrived early so I could spend some time with Beau. Unloaded nicely , went to go play down with the obstacles at the far end. Included, ditch, squeeze between the man made ditch, car wash, and teeter bridge. Let's just say Beau said no way to the man made squeeze. So I did the cirlcing game around it.......then change of direction ......and finally yoyo up to it and then finally into and out. He did great...really tried to do what I was asking him.....I saw a lot of trust!! I am glad I didn't take it away from him. We moved on and went thru the car wash and even did pretty good with the teeter bridge. ( He hates bridges with the hind legs)

Then Jerry came out. Stated everyone was running late.....I had a private lesson for a little bit. Went over last lessons questions. Talked about where I am at in my journey.
So then he asked me to start playing again with Beau and we would start to deal with some issues. Like his punkyness at the circling game. Of course , he didn't do it then, but got a game plan for when he does. (Game Plan # 1 - Imd. stop the what it takes to interrupt the pattern)
Then sent Beau out in part of a plan.(Game plan # 2 - imd. change of direction........don't worry what it looks like.....then ask right away to canter new direction....keep this up until he goes "I think it is easier to just canter") I am happy to say as soon as he suggested it worked. Love that power of suggestion.!!!

Finally others showed ....we went out and played on the obstacles. What fun.....nice relaxed and responsive horse. !! THen it was into the ring ...going to try a little liberty. Beau did well. No circling game at this time, but all the other games at close range. Jerry suggested I start playing a lot of this since he did so well and seemed to enjoy it. So game plan #3 - Start playing liberty in round pen at home.

We saddled up and rode in the ring some. I asked Jerry to help me with Beau's oppisition to me picking up my reins. So he suggested I become a fence post - Game plan # 4. When I pick up and as soon as he starts to tug with nose my hands need to become solid no give until he releases. Started FTR with walk and trot to the corners . At the corner stop and ask for 9 step back up. That is where game plan #5 comes in......I am to only use 4 oz of pressure with my hands......if no backing .....then start with phases of feet or tapping of rein lifting up in phases. ( He suggested the feet , but don't be afraid to go to phase 4 if needed). It started working. The key to this lesson today was to not only get a mental picture of what I want but to also get a mental feel of what I want. So I stop asking for the back when it feels like I want it to feel. Soft and light.

SO ended with the homework of being prepared to log hours I spend with my horse.

I had to leave a little early because I had to get back to take mom to get a cat scan . Wow that only took 10 min at the hospital......can't believe it.

Rest of Nov.

SO the rest of Nov. just played online with both Shan and Beau.
Continued to work on yeilding zone 1 with both the porcupine game and driving game.
Both are doing well at it. I also started playing with Porcupine game zone 3 to develop a side pass . The driving sidepass is pretty good.....little bit of drag on the hindquarters. Shan will even sidepass to me on the left side. Haven't tried this yet with Beau.
Played sticked to me ......bring energy up in my body....walk......then trot down to a stop and maybe back up. The go and whoa are starting to equal. Hum Implusion?

Rode Beau freestyle one day.......mostly with just neck rope. A little walk and trot with go and whoa. Did good.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Turkey Day.!!!

Well today is the day to be thankful. I have many things to be thankful for. My family that allows me the time to play with my horses comes to mind 1st. They are the most important thing to me. They don't have the love and passion that I have for my horses but they try to understand that this is what makes Mom happy. A happy Mom is a good thing!!!

So spent the day with my Dad , up in Chiefland , and helped put up Christmas decorations. Then we came back down here to Dunnellon and picked up my Mom . We went over to Debbie and Jimmy's house for a 2nd dinner with the Love side of the Family. Both dinners were delish!!Yum. My poor horses have to carry me around now....Wonder just how many pounds I added to today?

After getting home , I went and got Shan out. Played online for about 30 min. Yielding zone 1 both porcupine and driving. Then played stick to me. Then some sideways next to horse trailer.
Worked on speeding up the game.....using energy....I am almost trotting at him. He wasn't to sure about that one but settled down to it. Ended with playing again at zone 1 yielding.

Plans for tomorrow.....Bath horses is finally perdicted to be warm some.

Playing with my horses

Sunday, Nov 23rd

Shan has popped an abcess RH . Small drainage from cornet band. Soaked footed. Him seemed like nothing was bothering him. Hopefully everything will work out with no problems.

With Beau I decided to soak his hooves in lysol mixture. He stood well and tolerated it all very nice. Then we went out on to the property and hung out some. Did alot of the friendly game. Slapping the ground and waiting to see some relaxtion before I would stop with the slapping. He is getting better with it. So now I have to keep working to get my better best. Did a lot of massaging of legs. He really got relaxed. Then we started to mosey some and began with stick to me from zone 2/3 area , go and whoa with energy. Whoa is good Go needs work. Also played with yeilding zone 1 with porcupine and driving game. Driving is much better than porcupine.......once again , need to get my good, better and by better best.

Monday, Nov 24th

Left Shan alone. Played with Beau on line for about 30 minutes. We reinforced yielding zone 1 . Then moved on to some circling game with change of direction. Also more stick to me , go and whoa . Nice relaxed horse.

Tuesday, Nov 25th

Trial ride at Pruitt trailhead. Rode with Tia and Kash. It was a great day to be out. Big blue ski and nice cool breeze. We started out the greenway but ended up going over to the Swift Mud side. I have never rode there before. It is more two lane roads thru pines and open marsh land. Some of those trails are suppose to take you down to the river. I will have to try that maybe the next time we are out there. Both horses did well . Beau started out alittle sluggish but came out of it and seemed to enjoy himself. As Tia and I were loading up some old friends of mine came riding up. Judy, Linda, and Craig which I have not seen in a couple of years. We got to chat some and see each others new horses. They are camping at Ross Prairie for the weekend.

Wed. Nov 26th

Beau kinda of snobbed me today. That is ok maybe he is a little tired and needing a break. So I just went and got Shan. He seems to be moving fine. Clipped up his legs (or should I say hacked at them) since they looked like a wooley bear. Then went out on line and played . Stick to me from zone 2/3 . Traveling circles, transitions , and change of directions. Sideways away and to me , worked on me being soft and focused...just how little does it take? Horse is very light and pretty responsive. After finishing with Shan ......went and just groomed Beau and turned all horses out.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Playing around the house

OK Today I went out to play with Shan the Man. It's been a while since I have done anything with him. Poor boy , I feel bad about that one. He is so wooly and dirty. I don't think I have ever seen him this dirty, but it's been cold so I guess he is staying this way for now.

Played on line . Decided to see how he yields zone 1. Better at the driving game but difficult at the porcupine game. Trying to get him to yield zone 1 and keep hind legs in a circle. We had a few moments of right brian but after we got settled down I had a nice soft responsive horse. We made some pretty nice circles. Then we played with sideways. He loves sidepassing to me. Now I am trying to have him sidepass to me without having to touch lightly on the opposite side. Just lifting my carrot stick and using some motion. Then he also went sideways away from me too. All pretty nice. Shan is such fun to play with...I really need to do more of this. I am thinking of taking him to the next play day at Beth's .....Shan has never been to a playday. It should be real interesting that is for sure.

Called for Beau and up he came from the pasture. At liberty we went around the property some . Then played with a plywood board , having him crossing it and backing on and off. He was staying calm ...making progress with his problems of placing his hind feet on something.
Then we also worked on yielding zone 1 with the porcupine and driving game. He is getting softer.
Also played friendly game , slapping the savvy string on the ground and seeing how it effects Beau. He did better with it. Stayed relaxed and did some chewing.

Level 2 Lessons with Jerry Williams

Nov. 19th Wed. 1st in a series of 6 lessons with Jerry Williams.

Meet Ingrid at 8 and followed her up to Willston to have our lesson at Forever Springs Farm.
The weather was very cool out......low 30's. Kandy , who I meet at the Don and Rachel Jessop clinic, and another girl named Vicky were in our lessons.
Unloaded Beau and he appeared pretty relaxed. AS the lesson started he got a little up. Mostly with friendly game slapping the stick around and then sensitive to Jerry trying to touch him for the porcupine game. That got all worked out. Reviewed the 7 games on line. Really trying to get the horse light and responsive. I have to remember I need to reinforce not teach at this point. Also several ways to up the game. Lightness , speed , distance....but not all at the same time for now. Later you can try two of them and then all 3.
Saddled the horses.....haha.....the worst I have ever done. I need to work on carrying that saddle upside down and then swinging it up. Warmed him up with saddle and even got him to walk up on bridge with all four legs. Not the most confident but up there.
Went in ring to get ready to ride. Learned how to tie up reins with extra lead line.
Mounted and rode nicely until right at the end .......a little RB came out when asked to trot with a sitting position. He wouldn't relax and trot slowly. Will need to address this if it should happen again. But all in all, I do think this will help me fill in holes and allow us to progress further in our journey.

Filled out horsenality chart and positive attributes chart.
Will turn in next lesson. Which is Dec. 3rd.

Camping McCulley Farms

Nov 14- 16th Camping at McCulley Farms in Jasper , Florida.

This was what I call extreme camping. The weather on Friday was warm in the 80's , wearing shorts and then by Sunday it was in the low 30's and all bundled up.
SO Friday , trailered up the interstate which was Beau's first time on the interstate. He did ok. He was very nervous at the inspection station because all the semis where running right in front of him . When we got to the campground we got the horses settled in and set up camp. Decided to go out for a short ride . The woods were so pretty , leaves changing up there so it reminded me of being up north in the fall. Lot of yellows and reds. Leaves covering the trails. The trails were marked good. Some single paths and others two track. Got to ride back to an old house which is were the great grandfather of the land was born and raised. Dates back to the 1800's .

Then on Saturday, weather started out rainy. Hung out and went into Madison , Florida. Cute little town. When we got back, decided to ride and rode for 3 hours. We ended up riding down along a hwy and under an overpass. We went along the banks of the Withlochoohee River. It was just beautiful. Then we wandered thru the woods and made our way back. But we did have to pass a field where people were bird hunting and shooting their guns. Beau was very well behaved and so was Kash with Tia. It started blowing and misty rain. Weather was dropping fast. Got the horses back under the barn and put sheets on and let them relax with some hay.
Had a great supper. Steaks cooked out .....YUM YUM! Also had smores out over the hot coals of the fire. Ran the space heater in the trailer and slept all toasty warm.

Sunday morning nice and chilly. Low 30's . We let the weather warm up and started packing. About mid morning we went out on the trail for about an hour. Came back and took pictures which is something I kept forgetting to do the whole weekend. Trailered back and got home around 4 . Got everything unpacked and put away.....set for the week ahead.

Can't wait to go back to McCulley Farms. The trails were great!! Had elec and water at sites.
Bathrooms and a shower area. The sites are out in the open but with hook ups no big deal.
Stalls for horse are ok, but wouldn't like the chicken barns.

Update of Month of Nov.

Well after meeting several new people at the playday at my house, I am excited about the fact several of them are very close to me . SO I called and contacted Ingrid and set up to meet her at the Pruitt Trailhead to ride . We met Friday , Nov 7th . We played in the enclosed trailhead area with barrels and cones. Did some patterns and some riding task. Then we decided to go out on the trail. Both horses got along fine. Ingrid has limited experience with trail riding....she seemed to enjoy her self. Beau got a little nervous with stopping and standing still on the way home. So Hum have an area to play with here.

Nov. 8 - 9 . Audited the Jerry Williams level 2 clinic in Williston , Fl. Forever Springs Farm
Nice place. I really enjoyed the auditing. I found it to be very valuable noticing all the different horsenalities and seeing what works and what doesn't. I also really liked Jerry's teaching style. He was pretty direct and to the point , which for some reason I didn't think he would be, but I sure like it. I will start with group lessons with him on Wed. morning for 6 months and see how that helps Mr. Beau and I advance in areas we seem to struggle with and need confidence. I know we have holes in our program together. So I will be trying to fill them in.

Nov 10th Farrier trimmed

OPP Playday My House!

On Nov 1st. The OPP group had a playday here at my house. It was the first time for me to host a playday. Way cool! It was a great day out, beautiful weather, clear skies, just a perfect day to be out playing with your horse.

The day started with going over and picking up Kathy's horse, Renegade, and bringing them over here. Then we set up some obstacles , such as barrels , cavellettis, cones, round pen, car wash, and various other things for the horses to deal with. then people starting showing up.
We had......Jessie and Missy, "J" and Britches, Brittany and her horse, Ingrid and her horse, Kathy and Renegade. Other attendees without horses were Tinker, Peggy , Carole, Nicole and her husband, Reason, and then Ingrid's husband. So several here. We had a lot of free play with horses and one parelli game. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game. It was a whooly gig to send you horse from 12 ft or 22 ft and have them touch it. So we played the parelli patterns game 1 touch it., also game one -friendly, and game 3 driving game to get there. Everyone agreed they would like more of the games to try at the future playdays. Afternoon was mostly about getting Beth up on horse. Kash was elected and he was great with her. Nicole and Tinker were great helping with Beth trying to get her to relax and use focuse to ride. Both rider and horse were getting along nicely. Kathy got to ride Renegade some in the ring.

I will have to admit , I had a hard time focusing on Beau with everyone and everything going on . Trying to keep everyone else taken care of. So I will be looking forward to another playday to see if I can improve upon my focus for my horse.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Friday's trail ride

Well it has come back around to a Friday. I am enjoying this day so much. Getting away and taking a nice enjoyable trail just me and my horse. I have been taking Kash out to get him ready for Tia and the campout but today I got to ride Beau. Nice coolness in the area. Blue skies. Couple of girls to ride with. Nice relaxed and calm horse . What more could a person want. We rode out of Pruitt trail head. The woods are just so cool there. Once pst the 1 1/2 of open grass road then it is some of the most wonderful treed covered woods, with trees that have to be a couple hundred years old. The are just hugh! The long flowing branches are covered in moss and ferns. Kinda of reminds me of an enchanted forest. We had 4 horses, Beau, Lacey , Princton , and Amy (young 4 year old) We walked and trotted some. Climbed a hill or two. Everyone was very well behaved and a joy to be with. I a already looking forward to next week!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cool day out to play

Today was very chilly out. This morning was in the 30's....can't believe it is still Oct.
Got Shan out this afternoon and played on the 22 ft line out on the property. He was moving pretty good. He can get very up in energy, not really right brain but a lot of energy. So we went over figure 8 and weaves at a trot. Then some squeeze game over the logs in the pasture. Did pretty well but got carried away one time. Played sticked to me.....did great. Oh yea also followed behind Randy's truck at trot...he was going to pass us I think. He was getting into that.

Then went to get Beau...called his name and he came. Went out on property to play on 22 ft line . Wanted to see how he was after being out last night. I had him follow the 4 wheeler, which he doesn't like , around the property . He was playing the stick to me game. Walked or trotted when we were going or stopped when the 4 wheeler stopped. Pretty cool . Still needs more time.......kinda of like the friendly game amped up. So anyway...trotted Beau out and about today...moving good. Much calmer on the circling game today. Even a few strides of a soft canter. Did figure 8 and weaves at the trot. Then worked on sidepassing from stump to stump to get his reward (carrot). He did start to put more effort into it.

"J" stopped by tonight. Going to try to make it to the playday Sat. That will be good. She has a girl staying with her that is taking the 6 week course at the ISC. J will be taking the Fuildity 2 course in a couple of weeks. Luck girl!

I still have to make decisions on a clinic for me. HUM?????? What to do

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Been a long time

Well I will have to start to do better.....been to long since I last updated.

Have been playing around here with Beau. Riding Kash on Fridays at trail rides. Finally took beau to Kathy's for a playday....he did great...Loved the liberty we did. Then I took him just last weekend on his 1st trail since last May. He was outstanding......soft and light problems.
I am riding now in the reg snaffle with slobber reins.....seems to like it. The Cradle was just not right. Bit to wide not fitting correctly. Also Andy (Rode Shan) and Randy(Kash) rode with me on a Sunday. What a cool surprise!!!

Went to the Parelli Tour stop in Jacksonville . Camped on site.......shared the time with Kathy and "J" . Kathy and J stayed busy working the tour stop. Tinker was there also helping as a volunteer. Beth came and brought the new t-shirts for our playgroup. Saw Peggy for just a few minutes. Also ran into ....Tracy from my Feb. clinic.

Things coming up: Sat. Nov 1st...Playday at my house. 10-5
Coming are: Kathy and Renegade
Jessie and Missy
Peggy is coming with Jessie
Beth is coming....maybe ride Kash or play with Shan on line
2 girls that Kathy met are coming with their horses
Nicole ..contacted us by forum....might be coming and
bringing 3 Isc girls
Don't think Tinker or Shelley will be making the drive
As far as Sandy goes........don't know what is up
Sat. Nov. 8th. Jerry Williams clinic....Take Kathy and I will audit.
-Nov 9th Need to check on assessments with him.

Fri. Nov 14th-Campout McCulley Farms
Sun Nov.16th Jessie , Diane, Wayne and Tia going .

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Intro to cradle bit

Oct. 1st Wed.

Ok I headed out side with a positive attitude. But first I got prepared....reviewed in my mind Parelli Patterns online. Looked over the Chart . Then I reviewed the DVD of PP Freestyle Follow the rail.

Greeted Beau and groomed. Picked feet and treated. Crude on back of pasterns getting better.
Then for the big moment.....Put the cradle bit in Beau's mouth with the new adjustments.....YES, I think it is going to work .. Not much clearance from his teeth , will have to watch it. He is standing quietly with it in his mouth. Not chomping , chewing, wiggling , nothing. Good sign.
So proceeded to play 12 foot line. Touch it game around on property....did great...moving to level 2 placing feet on things too. (his idea). Circling game.....with traveling circling and then some transitions...w/t. all nice a easy. Played sideways around the trailer. Then saddle him. Played figure 8 which I think he has so need to up it.....and I did with a trot....seemed to like it better. Then back on circle with change of direction......and how that gets so light after the figure 8 pattern!!. Ok time to tighten up and get on. Had him sidepass to me on the rail. Riding with Halter and lead tied as rein. Bit still in ...mouth has been quiet except some rubbing when I give him a break. Mounted and did ppl for a few minutes. Then started follow the rail (ftr). Level 1 with turns and stops and back ups. Then started with trotting and transitions to walk and then trotting to stops. Worked on backing and giving ......needs some work but getting it. Sidepass between cones . Introduced figure 8 while riding. All the while mouth quiet. I am not useing the bit yet just letting him adjust to it. Then time to get off, dismounted to fence. Attached reins to bit just to ask for lateral flexion while on the ground next to him. Did well not oppositon reflex.
To end I unsaddled and loaded him in the trailer no problem and left him to eat some hay to chill. He remained relaxed and at ease. Unloaded quietly. So all in all a good day.

Cradle Bit???

Sept. 27th -30th

Ok It's Sat. morning......all excited about heading to Ocala for the Tack Shack yard sale. I have decided to make the big plunge and purchase a cradle bit. I am going to get the C1.....suggested for RBE and new horses to bits. By getting thru Tack Shack this weekend I will end up saving money ( hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt)It's cheaper in the store than online and 15% off.

So I purchased the bit.....5 inch., C1 Parelli Cradle. Yahoo!
Also found a biothane halter Bridle combo at the yard tack sale.....20.00 bucks. It needs an under strap to call in to Jean from Higher Mark and taken care of. It should do well for Shanadar.

Sunday....busy day....finally in evening get to go check out bit. It's going to require refitting a bridle , have to take it up , to get the cradle bit to fit. Trying it on and I can't seem to get it in Beau's mouth with out hitting on his teeth. Hummmm no wonder he hasn't liked a bit in his mouth. Do all the other bits do the same? I haven't noticed. Ok check it out on Shan. not near as bad. ....ok try Kash.....bigger head......seems to work except the nose band is so tight. Now what? Getting dark ......think on it over night.

Monday.... Thought all day while at work....worry..... oh no., I am going to have to eat the cost of this bit...... Maybe put up for sale on Parelli website. Oh come on......don't give up yet...many things to try. Get home from work I go to try it out. Made some adjustments here and there....better......Prob can use on Kash ( but wrong mouth piece for his horsenality) and can prob use on Shan. ( Right horsenality but will it control him on trail....and can the new halter /trail combo bridle , prob not) So still issues. Not any better on Beau. .......So head back to house head hanging down. More thinking on it.....worring on it , etc......

Tuesday... Tried not to think to much about it today. Got home , out I go, try it on, Look at it. What can I do to get it to work on Beau? Will call Parelli in morning for advice is my decision.
Then the light bulb came on when taking the bridle off.........duh.......Sometimes I am so slow.
Ok I have it adjusted all the up on the side cheek pieces. I haven't thought about I can take up on the lower cheek piece , which will also allow me more room at the top for his ears ..I think it will work. Made the holes.....getting dark....will check in morning. Keeping my fingers crossed , I really think it is going to be great!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Trail Riding

Sept 26th

Ok it's Friday.....This is trail riding day.
Went out had decided to ride Beau today. Nope Kash had other ideas. He had bit him again......this time on the rear end. Made him no riding today. So I elected Kash to go.

Meet Diane and Lena at Shangalia trailhead. Part of the Greenways. Weather cooler than last Friday. Low 60's....just wonderful outside.

Diane had her new him. Cute as a bug. If she thinks about selling him I would sure be interested.......but I don't need a new horse. He looks like a mini Kash. Only 5 years old. He did great out on the trail today. Kash was very good. Just doesn't mind where he rides front, middle , or back. He is not crazy about going through need to work on that one. I think that won't be to much of a big deal. We did go up and down a few smaller climbs. Kash was well behaved. After riding .....ate lunch at the picinic table while horses cooled out. Kash is easy to deal with loading and handling out like that. Nice boy. He is a keeper.

Bareback pad riding

Wed. Sept 24th

Ok Kathy was kind of enough to loan me another Parelli Patterns DVD...this one is the Freestyle patterns. So decide to see where we are in it.

Played with Beau today. Touch it game up the is now touch it down on the ground.
He caught on pretty good. Had to leave a treat here and there to get the idea but after that he was looking for more carrots.

Then I went and played with the figure 8 pattern and he did good. I really need to work on my drive of the front zones. Beau wants to draw to me so much. ( not complaining)

Now it was time to ride him. Stayed with Halter and lead rope looped around to make a rein. He side pass over to the rail for me to get on. Played friendly game all over his body while on top on him. Ok so off at a walk.....follow the rail .....Level 1 Parelli Patterns. Toss the rein around Drop and pick it up without looking. Bending to a stop, Direct rein , indirect rein turns, Whoa off seat,
and a 9 step back up. Then we did it all at a trot. He stayed nice and relaxed at the trot......not to bad to ride bareback.....boy that sure was cool to find out I could do that. He followed the rail nicely not to many corrections. Felt good moving...nice and even.

Health update. Straches seem to be healing med. (well horse)
Kash made a good bite mark on Beau's I have to treat that too.

Ride Season Starts!!!!

Sept. 19th - 21st

Well Friday the 19th.... Trail ride , Greenway, Landbridge trailhead. Meet Diane and Wayne.
Cool in the morning. Couldn't be more blessed. I decide to take check him out before Tia or Randy ride him ( hasn't been out on trail since May) He is a good boy. I think anyone could ride him out on a trail ride. He looks at nothing , doesn't mind to be in the front, middle or back. No problem. I think he is a keeper.

Had the vet out at 2:00 to pull coggins on Shan. Looked at Beau's Hind pasterns ..... Said just to keep very dry. I started him on some herbal stuff from J and J.

Sat . The 20th, Went to Kathy's today and played. Had a good time. Thanks so much Kathy for a fun day with horses.Kathy asked as soon as I got there which horse I was Shanadar, I picked him because he kept nickering to me as if saying"Take me Take me" So I did.Unloaded Shan and the BIG cow bellowed, Shan just decided to eat some grass. Good start. Decided it was time to go mosey around and see what we could find. Just around the front of the trailer.......a group of pigs. Ok So I am thinking ....get ready for a dart here or there from a pig, oh no....Shan just wanted to play the touch it game with the piggies.He tried and tried to get one of those pigs to touch his nose. Went out and let him see the other horses ( which were wondering who is this new horse). Kathy got Renegade and then we decided to go in the round pen and play online together. We wanted to see if we could keep our individual horses attention. I think we did a good job. Both horses were staying focused with us, a few glances at each other....normal horse stuff.Later we saddled up and rode some. Kathy in the round pen and I circled on the outside. All went well. Then I entered the pen . Rode together in the pen together for a little bit. Oh yea Shan did finally find a pig or two that would come to him and they would touch noses. I dropped my carrot stick once that had the plastic bag connected and the pigs started to take it. Just to funny.

Kathy had this to say about the day....thanks a bunch Kathy!!
Hey everybody - today's play day was lots of fun. Terri brought Shan over and she played with him a while in the play pen. She had him going through the car wash, backing/weaving through cones, touch this/that, over the cavaletti, push the ball, all kinds of stuff. He was awsome!!! I got Renegade from the pasture and we played a little outside the play pen while Terri and Shan were inside. We even had both the boys inside the pen playing at the same time. Terri took Shan to her trailer to saddle him up and I saddled Renegade in the pen. Mounted up and warmed up at the walk. Terri rode Shan around outside the pen and he was great - even the piggies didn't upset him!!! She was walking, trotting, doing cs riding, LOOKING GOOD TERRI :!: :!: Terri had me riding point to point to get Renegade and I focused and help us get our go/whoa button better. I was pretty uncoordinated at first but got better and then Renegade got better/understood what I was asking. Ummmmmmm.....At one point we ended up at the same point of the pen, Terri and Shan outside and Renegade and I inside. The boys touched noses and started squealing and Renegade stamped his foot. I had to get us away from there quick. I had thoughts of bailing but felt I confident enough that I felt I could stay mounted. Then Renegade started to get a little attitude and bit my toe and ankle - not hard but nipping at them. And of course his antenna was up/out. I put his feet to work doing lots of hq yields and changes of direction. It went up/in!! Kept this up (no pun intended :shock: :lol: ) for a while until he quit and his attitude changed/he relaxed then he got to rest by his favorite blue barrel. Then Terri brought Shan inside the play pen and was riding him around while Renegade rested bringing Shan closer and closer. On one circle Shan was a little too close for Renegades comfort and his head went up and he was a little worried. Guess he pushed on Renegade's bubble just a little too much. Terri made the next two trips a little less close and Renegade was happy/relaxed again. At this point I decided it was a good time to get off. Renegade had accepted my leadership and was comfortable/relaxed so I was a good time to stop!!!All together it was a VERY interesting and productive play day. We (Renegade and I) were challenged and learned alot. Renegade even loaded in Terri's trailer!!! I'm on cloud nine and can't wait until October 4th :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: Can't wait to see what Terri posts about our day today.

Sunday 21st
Beau's day. Went to get him out to play......he appears not to interested. So I decide to spend some undemanding time, mosey around and before I know it he is playing stick to me. Worked on our back (yo yo ) He is staying straighter and not turning his head away. Did a few touch it here and there. Then played with the figure 8 patterns. He did well. Went to turn loose and go sit on fence. He came up to me like get I thougth do I dare......... why sure.....he asked.. so I did.... All went great. I rode him bareback with a halter. This horse is not use to bareback and we walked and trotted some . He was very left brian and calm. Time to stop and dream of the possibilities to come.

The Latest

Sept 11th - 19th

Just been playing with all three of the horses. (poor Ladybug she is left out)
Shan ...the man
Kash ...the dash
Beau ...Boo Boo
Kathy loaned me the Parelli Patterns online. I have been watching that and started using with the horses. Will be interested to see how it plays out with Kash since everything is new to him and compare his response to Shan's and Beau's reaction. I will try to keep updated on that.

1st I paly the touch it game. Shan has it down, Beau does well , Kash is "WHat?"

Have Started level 1 on all horses. Just walking with a 12 ft rope. Shan knows it pretty well, Beau is wanting to play touch it with the cones and Kash is getting it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update to this week

Sept. 11th, 2009

Well to update what has been going on.
Tuesday...chiro vet came out. She felt all signs pointed to a stifle issue. So I had him treated with Chiro and Accp. Will give 3 days off . Starting next week he will begin taking some herbs to help with discomfort and swelling. After that he will be put on a herb to help keep the joints more supple. Not the greatest news but it is what I have to deal with. So I plan on making the most out of it. I will start him back slowly and build him up . I also need to be careful with backing too much and tight circles. I should work some with walking up hills and going over low cavalletties to help strengthen the stifle.

Wed.... Played with Kash. Decided to work on introducing the 7 games to him. We played with games 1-5 today. He is different to deal with. So "what ?" most of the time and then "I'm out of here" explosion. It was fun watching him trying to figure it all out. I think he will be fine. Also got on with halter and started inducing lateral flexion. Pretty stiff boy.
Also played with Shan. Some online to warm up. Then put bareback pad on and decide to test me riding. Boy I sure need help here. Shan did great...testing his sidepassing , backing with sl feet wiggle , turn on hunches and turn on forehand.

Thurs.... Just had time to bath Beau's hind feet due to the scratches on the backside of his pasterns. Groom Kash just to get the dry sweat off. Some undemanding time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Relaxing evening

Monday, Sept. 8th.

I get home after work. I am tired. All horses come up to visit. Starting to feel better. (warm fuzzy feeling inside). No real play time. Just undemanding time with Beau, grooming and rubbing all over. He doesn't appear to be having any reaction with the double dose of wormer. He doesn't seem to be as itchy but still has a few crude stuff on legs. Mosquitos have been terrible since Faye came thru. His areas on his neck and shoulders look better but then again I think all the horses are starting to put in new hair. I have to decide if I will follow up in 2 weeks with another double dose. Hum decisions?
Also started all the horses tonight on ground flax seed.

Got Cash out and washed and groomed. He seems to enjoy it. I hope I can figure out a way to get the time to play with him. He would be my first Left Brain horse to play with. How interesting!!!

Tomorrow the Chiro is coming for Beau. Will update.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trying to catch up.

Sept. 6th and 7th,

Well yesterday was our Ocala Parelli Players get together playday. No horses. Met at Beth's house. At first it was only Beth , Kathy and I. So we made decisions on shirts for the Jacksonville tour stop. Then we started watching some DVD's. 1st of Rugged Lark and then the new Parelli Patterns. I sure do think I need to get this one. Looks wonderful. Just what I will need to reach futher than I can even imagine. Sandy and Danny showed up part way thru the DVD watching. Chatted some and then kinda of got off subject as to how to set up playdays. Others of the group couldn't come because of work and needing to get things done around their places. I left a little early because Jessie was wanting me to come by and help with saddle fit on her new mare Missy. Good ole Shyla was there.......same face when she sees you. haha. Hung out there chatting and deciding on some ride time. She needs to get busy getting here horses ready to go. I had to crack the whip.

Kathy was kind to loan me a couple of books , One on natural hoof trimming and the other Pasture Paradise. It is very interesting and I am going to see what I can apply here and watch how the horses adapt to it.

Came home and my horses looked fine....was a little worried since I double dosed them just the other day.

Sunday: Had church this morning.....then came home and let horses out after picking feet and medicating Beau's . Strung hay out over property...I think the horses were on a hide n seek game looking for the bits of hay. Them seem to be pretty interested in the game.

Had a little play time with Beau....late evening . 22 foot line out in far pasture. worked on keeping some distance out away from me. Squeeze game over a log. Did well. Then went to circling and he went RB. Disengagement to shut down anytime he started up. Finally came back to LB. Rinsed and released was almost dark. I need to get a plan and be more organized in what I will be working on to day.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Back in the Saddle again

Well, today I went out to play alittle with Beau. So spent some time online. Going out on property playing put your nose here and there , while working on the driving game from zone 3 trying to get him out about 12 ft from me. ( he loves to hang close) That went pretty well. Then decided to saddle up....haven't ridden since very beginning of June. Took him to the ring, did a safety check, Lateral flexion, disengagement, and indirect rein control...clear good to go. SO begin with Pushing Passenger lesson.....I will mirror him. Went problems. Then I decided to take over and direct the ride. Now I have had my reins tied up to the saddle..using no reins..decided to get carrot stick....asked to go off in trot.....I turned my focus, eyes, shoulders, belly button , legs and then a little help of the carrot stick, we made the turn . Continued with this and after about 3 times he was turning with no reinforcement of the CS. It was great trotting around and looking here and then he would go. So Cool. The most surprising thing about it was I have not worked on this after being laid off at least 3 months.....he has advanced!!! Maybe I should lay him off more? 2nd thought no , it was too much fun. It's time to move forward and complete this level 2 stuff. YES YES YES!!

Also played some with sidepasses with fence. Goes to the right much better than the Left.
Then sidepass up to fence so I could get off. Played move yourself over so I can get on and off. (sidepass to me) Did well. I am so pumped. Getting excited about what could be. ....HUM

Also Today.....
Double dosed Beau....Equimax
Double dosed Cash....Equimax
Wormed Shan and Ladybug reg. with Equimax.
Will watch and see what occurs ......mostly with Beau. NTW link ....need to update .
Recheck in 2 weeks

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Start To Reach My Goals

Well I did figure out how to start a blog. Yahoo for me.

My goals that I will be working on are set to be completed by the end of the year, 2008

Goal 1....To tape level 1

Have to find a way to tape myself.

Poss..use my old recorder or get help from Kathy or J

Find out how to transferr recordings to DVD..maybe radioshack?

Goal 2....Start back playing with my horses to complete level 2

Online...... completing circling game at a canter.

Liberty..... need to spend some time with, haven't done much with it.

Freestyle ..... review

Finesse..... look up

Just play what he is capable to do. Watch for soreness and willness by him.

He seems to love to be played with......want to keep him comfortable. Have to

Remember he is getting older.

Main goal for him.......advance online stuff. Move on ...challenge him and me.

Goal 3....Get assesed for level 2. video or

by instructor in person.......which one?

Goal 4....Remember to keep the relationship first!!!!!

Have fun and enjoy the journey.

It's the journey that brings the joy, not the end destination.