Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update of Month of Nov.

Well after meeting several new people at the playday at my house, I am excited about the fact several of them are very close to me . SO I called and contacted Ingrid and set up to meet her at the Pruitt Trailhead to ride . We met Friday , Nov 7th . We played in the enclosed trailhead area with barrels and cones. Did some patterns and some riding task. Then we decided to go out on the trail. Both horses got along fine. Ingrid has limited experience with trail riding....she seemed to enjoy her self. Beau got a little nervous with stopping and standing still on the way home. So Hum have an area to play with here.

Nov. 8 - 9 . Audited the Jerry Williams level 2 clinic in Williston , Fl. Forever Springs Farm
Nice place. I really enjoyed the auditing. I found it to be very valuable noticing all the different horsenalities and seeing what works and what doesn't. I also really liked Jerry's teaching style. He was pretty direct and to the point , which for some reason I didn't think he would be, but I sure like it. I will start with group lessons with him on Wed. morning for 6 months and see how that helps Mr. Beau and I advance in areas we seem to struggle with and need confidence. I know we have holes in our program together. So I will be trying to fill them in.

Nov 10th Farrier trimmed

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