Thursday, November 27, 2008

Playing with my horses

Sunday, Nov 23rd

Shan has popped an abcess RH . Small drainage from cornet band. Soaked footed. Him seemed like nothing was bothering him. Hopefully everything will work out with no problems.

With Beau I decided to soak his hooves in lysol mixture. He stood well and tolerated it all very nice. Then we went out on to the property and hung out some. Did alot of the friendly game. Slapping the ground and waiting to see some relaxtion before I would stop with the slapping. He is getting better with it. So now I have to keep working to get my better best. Did a lot of massaging of legs. He really got relaxed. Then we started to mosey some and began with stick to me from zone 2/3 area , go and whoa with energy. Whoa is good Go needs work. Also played with yeilding zone 1 with porcupine and driving game. Driving is much better than porcupine.......once again , need to get my good, better and by better best.

Monday, Nov 24th

Left Shan alone. Played with Beau on line for about 30 minutes. We reinforced yielding zone 1 . Then moved on to some circling game with change of direction. Also more stick to me , go and whoa . Nice relaxed horse.

Tuesday, Nov 25th

Trial ride at Pruitt trailhead. Rode with Tia and Kash. It was a great day to be out. Big blue ski and nice cool breeze. We started out the greenway but ended up going over to the Swift Mud side. I have never rode there before. It is more two lane roads thru pines and open marsh land. Some of those trails are suppose to take you down to the river. I will have to try that maybe the next time we are out there. Both horses did well . Beau started out alittle sluggish but came out of it and seemed to enjoy himself. As Tia and I were loading up some old friends of mine came riding up. Judy, Linda, and Craig which I have not seen in a couple of years. We got to chat some and see each others new horses. They are camping at Ross Prairie for the weekend.

Wed. Nov 26th

Beau kinda of snobbed me today. That is ok maybe he is a little tired and needing a break. So I just went and got Shan. He seems to be moving fine. Clipped up his legs (or should I say hacked at them) since they looked like a wooley bear. Then went out on line and played . Stick to me from zone 2/3 . Traveling circles, transitions , and change of directions. Sideways away and to me , worked on me being soft and focused...just how little does it take? Horse is very light and pretty responsive. After finishing with Shan ......went and just groomed Beau and turned all horses out.

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