Saturday, November 22, 2008

Level 2 Lessons with Jerry Williams

Nov. 19th Wed. 1st in a series of 6 lessons with Jerry Williams.

Meet Ingrid at 8 and followed her up to Willston to have our lesson at Forever Springs Farm.
The weather was very cool out......low 30's. Kandy , who I meet at the Don and Rachel Jessop clinic, and another girl named Vicky were in our lessons.
Unloaded Beau and he appeared pretty relaxed. AS the lesson started he got a little up. Mostly with friendly game slapping the stick around and then sensitive to Jerry trying to touch him for the porcupine game. That got all worked out. Reviewed the 7 games on line. Really trying to get the horse light and responsive. I have to remember I need to reinforce not teach at this point. Also several ways to up the game. Lightness , speed , distance....but not all at the same time for now. Later you can try two of them and then all 3.
Saddled the horses.....haha.....the worst I have ever done. I need to work on carrying that saddle upside down and then swinging it up. Warmed him up with saddle and even got him to walk up on bridge with all four legs. Not the most confident but up there.
Went in ring to get ready to ride. Learned how to tie up reins with extra lead line.
Mounted and rode nicely until right at the end .......a little RB came out when asked to trot with a sitting position. He wouldn't relax and trot slowly. Will need to address this if it should happen again. But all in all, I do think this will help me fill in holes and allow us to progress further in our journey.

Filled out horsenality chart and positive attributes chart.
Will turn in next lesson. Which is Dec. 3rd.

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