Saturday, November 22, 2008

Camping McCulley Farms

Nov 14- 16th Camping at McCulley Farms in Jasper , Florida.

This was what I call extreme camping. The weather on Friday was warm in the 80's , wearing shorts and then by Sunday it was in the low 30's and all bundled up.
SO Friday , trailered up the interstate which was Beau's first time on the interstate. He did ok. He was very nervous at the inspection station because all the semis where running right in front of him . When we got to the campground we got the horses settled in and set up camp. Decided to go out for a short ride . The woods were so pretty , leaves changing up there so it reminded me of being up north in the fall. Lot of yellows and reds. Leaves covering the trails. The trails were marked good. Some single paths and others two track. Got to ride back to an old house which is were the great grandfather of the land was born and raised. Dates back to the 1800's .

Then on Saturday, weather started out rainy. Hung out and went into Madison , Florida. Cute little town. When we got back, decided to ride and rode for 3 hours. We ended up riding down along a hwy and under an overpass. We went along the banks of the Withlochoohee River. It was just beautiful. Then we wandered thru the woods and made our way back. But we did have to pass a field where people were bird hunting and shooting their guns. Beau was very well behaved and so was Kash with Tia. It started blowing and misty rain. Weather was dropping fast. Got the horses back under the barn and put sheets on and let them relax with some hay.
Had a great supper. Steaks cooked out .....YUM YUM! Also had smores out over the hot coals of the fire. Ran the space heater in the trailer and slept all toasty warm.

Sunday morning nice and chilly. Low 30's . We let the weather warm up and started packing. About mid morning we went out on the trail for about an hour. Came back and took pictures which is something I kept forgetting to do the whole weekend. Trailered back and got home around 4 . Got everything unpacked and put away.....set for the week ahead.

Can't wait to go back to McCulley Farms. The trails were great!! Had elec and water at sites.
Bathrooms and a shower area. The sites are out in the open but with hook ups no big deal.
Stalls for horse are ok, but wouldn't like the chicken barns.

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