Saturday, November 22, 2008

OPP Playday My House!

On Nov 1st. The OPP group had a playday here at my house. It was the first time for me to host a playday. Way cool! It was a great day out, beautiful weather, clear skies, just a perfect day to be out playing with your horse.

The day started with going over and picking up Kathy's horse, Renegade, and bringing them over here. Then we set up some obstacles , such as barrels , cavellettis, cones, round pen, car wash, and various other things for the horses to deal with. then people starting showing up.
We had......Jessie and Missy, "J" and Britches, Brittany and her horse, Ingrid and her horse, Kathy and Renegade. Other attendees without horses were Tinker, Peggy , Carole, Nicole and her husband, Reason, and then Ingrid's husband. So several here. We had a lot of free play with horses and one parelli game. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game. It was a whooly gig to send you horse from 12 ft or 22 ft and have them touch it. So we played the parelli patterns game 1 touch it., also game one -friendly, and game 3 driving game to get there. Everyone agreed they would like more of the games to try at the future playdays. Afternoon was mostly about getting Beth up on horse. Kash was elected and he was great with her. Nicole and Tinker were great helping with Beth trying to get her to relax and use focuse to ride. Both rider and horse were getting along nicely. Kathy got to ride Renegade some in the ring.

I will have to admit , I had a hard time focusing on Beau with everyone and everything going on . Trying to keep everyone else taken care of. So I will be looking forward to another playday to see if I can improve upon my focus for my horse.

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