Sunday, November 2, 2008

Friday's trail ride

Well it has come back around to a Friday. I am enjoying this day so much. Getting away and taking a nice enjoyable trail just me and my horse. I have been taking Kash out to get him ready for Tia and the campout but today I got to ride Beau. Nice coolness in the area. Blue skies. Couple of girls to ride with. Nice relaxed and calm horse . What more could a person want. We rode out of Pruitt trail head. The woods are just so cool there. Once pst the 1 1/2 of open grass road then it is some of the most wonderful treed covered woods, with trees that have to be a couple hundred years old. The are just hugh! The long flowing branches are covered in moss and ferns. Kinda of reminds me of an enchanted forest. We had 4 horses, Beau, Lacey , Princton , and Amy (young 4 year old) We walked and trotted some. Climbed a hill or two. Everyone was very well behaved and a joy to be with. I a already looking forward to next week!!!

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