Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cool day out to play

Today was very chilly out. This morning was in the 30's....can't believe it is still Oct.
Got Shan out this afternoon and played on the 22 ft line out on the property. He was moving pretty good. He can get very up in energy, not really right brain but a lot of energy. So we went over figure 8 and weaves at a trot. Then some squeeze game over the logs in the pasture. Did pretty well but got carried away one time. Played sticked to me.....did great. Oh yea also followed behind Randy's truck at trot...he was going to pass us I think. He was getting into that.

Then went to get Beau...called his name and he came. Went out on property to play on 22 ft line . Wanted to see how he was after being out last night. I had him follow the 4 wheeler, which he doesn't like , around the property . He was playing the stick to me game. Walked or trotted when we were going or stopped when the 4 wheeler stopped. Pretty cool . Still needs more time.......kinda of like the friendly game amped up. So anyway...trotted Beau out and about today...moving good. Much calmer on the circling game today. Even a few strides of a soft canter. Did figure 8 and weaves at the trot. Then worked on sidepassing from stump to stump to get his reward (carrot). He did start to put more effort into it.

"J" stopped by tonight. Going to try to make it to the playday Sat. That will be good. She has a girl staying with her that is taking the 6 week course at the ISC. J will be taking the Fuildity 2 course in a couple of weeks. Luck girl!

I still have to make decisions on a clinic for me. HUM?????? What to do

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