Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting back in the swing of things.

Wed. Dec. 24th. Happy Christmas Eve!!!!

Yesterday, I got Beau out and went to mosey around the property together . We progress to doing some circles and discovered that he is having more trouble going to the left than to the right. It is alot like the purity of gait issues Linda is having with Alure. But it didn't surprise me since I have not been able to play with Beau lately and I know he gets stiff after not being used. I will cont. to watch and decide if the Chiro. needs to come back.

Ok so today, Saddled up Beau. Went into the arena and played online. Going to try to get back to following a plan. So going to work on backing. ( our bug a boo). So online I set up a row of poles on the ground to back him thru. Did it until I got some good licking and chewing. Then moved to some figure 8's and weave patterns at the trot. Back to the poles for some backing. Played with cirlcing trotting and some cantering. Decided to get on and ride. FTR at the walk to work on the a soft stop without brace. Then went to walking thru the poles to the rail and asking for a back up. Working on no brace once again. (Trick was to sink my weight down and turn my toes out for the back up. )Did some figure 8's while riding ......not to bad. Surprised me. Also the weave pattern from my leg pressure. Great!!!

To summarize: TO make into a program.
A. Online
1) Backing thru poles, soft , and respectful.
2) figure 8's
3) weave pattern

B. Riding
1) FTR- soft stops no brace
2) Walking to a back up.....using the rail to start with.
3) Figure 8's
4) Weave Pattern

Hours posted Dec. 23rd. online .....30 minutes
Dec. 24th online .....30 minutes
riding .....45 minutes
Freestyle........30 minutes / Finesse ......15 minutes

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