Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday , Dec. 5th

Just got Jerry's homework from my group lessons with him. Wow he is really going to make us think!! Lesson 1 on his web page is Learning exactly what are the 4 responablities of the human and how it applies to our journey.

We were to come up with a goal that we want to achieve in 30 days. It needs to be something we can not do now but something that is attainable. So after lots of thought...................I decided to work on my liberty. After all he is the one at the last lesson that was telling me I should be playing with this.

Goal...To be able to play games 1-7 with out my horses feeling the need to run away.

Now to clarify some: I am not talking perfection. Just kinda of what you would call level
1 - 2 at liberty.

Areas to work on:
#1 I do feel my main area to work on will be the yoyo game. The part of the yoyo game that has a problem is the backing away. He wants to turn front end to side and not directly face me. I am thinking my bull horn is too load. So game plan to work on this if he takes two eyes off when backing there is going to be a consiquence. Once two eyes are back on me , I will first stop and relax and then ask very softly for backing again. Make it easier for two eyes on me than anything else. The bring back of the yoyo is fine ( at least for now).
#2 The other area to work on ....porcupine of zone 4. I think all I need to do is more time practicing while online.

Also, Jerry sent a video that was labeled 212 degrees. Boy that sure makes you think about how if you are off by just a little bit it can have a big impact.
The site is

OK just a review of the last Two group lessons .
1st.....developing a mental picture of what you want.
2nd ...developing a mental feel of what you want.

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