Sunday, December 7, 2008

Horse hours

Dec. 5th Friday

Horse hours:

20 min - undemanding time
20 min - eval where we are to know what I need to work on to accomplish my goal set in the next 30 days
HT - day 1.....did pretty good. Let him stop when he wanted to ....but shows my circling game is pretty good........who knew? haha

Decided he needs some therapy. SO will start Hill Therapy with him. I know it is not fair since he doesn't know all the games. But I will take it easy and see how it goes.
Played 1, game 2 of zone 1, game 3 of zone 1, game 4 more trouble going away....LB attitude. Game 5. to warm up for HT .
Used about 30 min of play online. HT he did good. When he wanted to stop or come in problem. After a little bit he just stayed out there. Need to help his back some.

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