Sunday, December 7, 2008

Group lesson with Jerry Williams

Dec. 3rd. My 2nd group lesson

Arrived early so I could spend some time with Beau. Unloaded nicely , went to go play down with the obstacles at the far end. Included, ditch, squeeze between the man made ditch, car wash, and teeter bridge. Let's just say Beau said no way to the man made squeeze. So I did the cirlcing game around it.......then change of direction ......and finally yoyo up to it and then finally into and out. He did great...really tried to do what I was asking him.....I saw a lot of trust!! I am glad I didn't take it away from him. We moved on and went thru the car wash and even did pretty good with the teeter bridge. ( He hates bridges with the hind legs)

Then Jerry came out. Stated everyone was running late.....I had a private lesson for a little bit. Went over last lessons questions. Talked about where I am at in my journey.
So then he asked me to start playing again with Beau and we would start to deal with some issues. Like his punkyness at the circling game. Of course , he didn't do it then, but got a game plan for when he does. (Game Plan # 1 - Imd. stop the what it takes to interrupt the pattern)
Then sent Beau out in part of a plan.(Game plan # 2 - imd. change of direction........don't worry what it looks like.....then ask right away to canter new direction....keep this up until he goes "I think it is easier to just canter") I am happy to say as soon as he suggested it worked. Love that power of suggestion.!!!

Finally others showed ....we went out and played on the obstacles. What fun.....nice relaxed and responsive horse. !! THen it was into the ring ...going to try a little liberty. Beau did well. No circling game at this time, but all the other games at close range. Jerry suggested I start playing a lot of this since he did so well and seemed to enjoy it. So game plan #3 - Start playing liberty in round pen at home.

We saddled up and rode in the ring some. I asked Jerry to help me with Beau's oppisition to me picking up my reins. So he suggested I become a fence post - Game plan # 4. When I pick up and as soon as he starts to tug with nose my hands need to become solid no give until he releases. Started FTR with walk and trot to the corners . At the corner stop and ask for 9 step back up. That is where game plan #5 comes in......I am to only use 4 oz of pressure with my hands......if no backing .....then start with phases of feet or tapping of rein lifting up in phases. ( He suggested the feet , but don't be afraid to go to phase 4 if needed). It started working. The key to this lesson today was to not only get a mental picture of what I want but to also get a mental feel of what I want. So I stop asking for the back when it feels like I want it to feel. Soft and light.

SO ended with the homework of being prepared to log hours I spend with my horse.

I had to leave a little early because I had to get back to take mom to get a cat scan . Wow that only took 10 min at the hospital......can't believe it.

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