Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coming to terms

Well It's been awhile since I last had a chance to post or play with a horse. My mother has taken a turn for the worst health wise. I have been busy caring for her. She no longer understands what is going on. It has been a tough couple of weeks. The whole family is a bit out of sorts. Christmas is just going to be very different this year. I have had to place her in a home where people are more capable of caring for her needs. Right at this time I am feeling like the rotten kid, but I do know she had made arrangements for this. So I still could not make myself go visit with friends or play with the horses today, just a lot of sitting around and thinking. My mother is the person that got me started in horses. She was always there when I was growing up and started showing horses. Then when I finished college it was her that introduced me to competive trial and endurance riding. I believe that is where I got the love of trial riding that I still enjoy the most today. We rode many miles and camped many places together. All great memories that I will treasure. So by the end of day the picture is getting clearer in my mind. I feel very soon I will be taking the step forward to my future. I will stop thinking what could of been done in the past and move forward and conquer fears and problems with open eyes and heart. Tomorrow is going to be a new day!
Mom I love you.................always.

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