Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rest of Nov.

SO the rest of Nov. just played online with both Shan and Beau.
Continued to work on yeilding zone 1 with both the porcupine game and driving game.
Both are doing well at it. I also started playing with Porcupine game zone 3 to develop a side pass . The driving sidepass is pretty good.....little bit of drag on the hindquarters. Shan will even sidepass to me on the left side. Haven't tried this yet with Beau.
Played sticked to me ......bring energy up in my body....walk......then trot down to a stop and maybe back up. The go and whoa are starting to equal. Hum Implusion?

Rode Beau freestyle one day.......mostly with just neck rope. A little walk and trot with go and whoa. Did good.

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